Learning Reinventing Jewels

Reinventing Jewels

Scialabà Jewels works for reinvent the jewel in many ways: rediscovering the pleasure of the jewel itself and not just as an accessory, to use traditional materials in an innovative way, reinterpreting traditional moments such as ceremonies from an innovative point of view.
To reinvent you must collaborate with those who innovate in the field of fashion and beauty. The Scialabà Jewels brand was awarded the "Best Rising Talent" at the Turin Fashion Week

Scialabà Academy

Why a Scialabà course?
Everyone has the ability to create something beautiful. Some have a natural passion for sounds and a developed sense of harmony and can become musicians or singers. Many have a sense of very sensitive and sharp taste, they can become chefs and create dishes or cocktails
Many people have a very sensitive sense of touch and can create beautiful creations by manipulating clay or other materials.
Your hands can give shape and colors to unique objects and jewels, with the expert guide of Rita and Nicoletta you will be able to transform your ideas into objects and jewels, from design to cooking in our oven.
The unique experience of creating something beautiful that lasts!
Scialabà Jewels organizes, both in the laboratory and in the structures of our partners, introductory courses in the art of ceramic jewelery.
We accompany enthusiasts in the creation of objects from the manipulation of the raw clay to the complete work of art: a journey to discover new skills and new emotions!
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View the courses in the catalog and buy online or ask us for more information we will find the right solution for you.

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